Internet Access

Utilising various 1st Tier ISP infrastructure platforms you can be guaranteed of an affordable enterprise grade internet connection, keeping your crucial link to the outside world connected and working as good as ever. We will provide you with an internet access solution tailored to your needs and utilising the medium of your choice: ADSL, Fibre or Wireless.

Multi-branch Networks

Having multiple branches collaborate and access centralised offsite platforms simultaneously can be a daunting task. Luckily you don’t need to worry about that – that’s our job! With a diverse skill-set and partnerships with some of South Africa’s best services providers, we can provide consolidated inter-branch networks that keep your staff engaged and collaborating together.

Remote Access

Keeping your employees connected and working remotely does wonders for productivity. We’ll help you setup secure remote access to your branches, keeping those trusted employees online and those untrusted threats out.

Failover Redundancy

In today’s world, losing your internet connection can be a devastating as load-shedding to your business. Having a truly redundant break-out connection is a valuable assist for any company.
Whether your primary connection is ADSL, Fibre, Wireless or even Diginet, we can provide you with a truly redundant failover connection running on a different backend to keep that crucial internet connection up and running.

Local Network Management

Whether you have a small office and only requires a simple on-site network comprising of a couple of switches and a router, or a larger facility that requires a multi-layer network environment, we will design, install and configure your entire local network and offer full management and pro-active maintenance thereof.

Hosted Virtual Environments

Deploying business-critical systems in a hosted virtual environment is always a good approach. That way, you never need to worry about an on-site server failing or what your disaster recovery plan is going to be. It also make life a lot simpler if you have multiple branches and staff working remotely.
We provide hosted virtual environments in some of the largest and most secure data centres in South Africa, in all the major city centres. But don’t stress, we also support your virtual server and manage it on your behalf.

Web Hosting and DNS Management

Whether you have a small and simple website or one that receives large daily traffic, we can provide you with affordable shared web-hosting that suits your needs and with access to dedicated, redundant, name servers and DNS management platforms.

Cloud Storage

Keeping data safe and accessible anywhere at any time is a must have in today’s information driven society. With access to affordable cloud storage, not only receive a safe and secure storage box for all your crucial data, but also the ability to easily access and share that data anywhere at any time.
Our cloud storage platforms reside in some of the largest and most secure data centres in South Africa, giving you the advantageous of fast and local access to your data.

Server Management

That small, dark, ‘IT room’ that no one want’s to go into, is where we live and thrive! Not only do we build, configure and deploy your local server environment, but we also provide an end-to-end management service for all your local server systems. Whether it’s a domain environment, mail, file of application servers, we will support it and keep it hard at work.

Domain Environments

A managed local domain is a greatly powerful tool in a multi-workstation environment, and one that is most certainly required in SME companies. We provide a fully managed solution in both Microsoft’s Directory and Azure AD platforms as well as custom Linux LDAP systems. Through partnerships with Microsoft Certified Solutions Experts and Linux Specialists, you can be rest-assured the right technical expertise are on the job.

Data Backup

Things don’t always go wrong, but when they do it can bring a business to its knees. It’s in these times of crisis that a robust and comprehensive backup solution saves the day.
We provide a custom backup solution developed on a Linux backend, using tried and tested methodology, to backup data from any accessible system to any location. With periodic off-site storage cycling, fully secured drive encryption, multi-drive failure resistance and cloud storage integration, you can have full peace-of-mind that your data is securely backed up for those rainy days.

Desktop Support

Nothing is as frustrating as struggling with a desktop application or trying to get the PC to do something is a particular way. Fortunately you don’t have to waste your time on this – just give us a shout! We provide access to a dedicate help desk for all user-desktop queries and remotely support and manage your user-workstations, so you can spend your time more wisely.
We offer a host of desktop support solutions, ranging from support required on an ad-hoc basis to a dedicated service level agreement with pro-active monitoring and maintenance.

VoIP Telephony

Voice over IP technology is an ever evolving field, with great advantageous for any business. Not only does it provide substantial cost savings over conventional telephony, but also a rich feature set and added functionality over that of conventional telephony.
Downtime on your telephone connection can be detrimental, not only to your productivity but also the negative impression it leaves on your clients. Our VoIP solution can operate over almost any internet connection, allowing failover to a secondary internet connection, and keeping your business up and running.
We provide both a hosted PABX solution and an on-premises solution, as well as end-to-end management from the extensions to the SIP providers, so that you can be assured your telephony needs are catered for.

Email Hosting

Arguably the most important method of communication and of fundamental importance to any business. Whether you simply require email hosting or need an end-to-end managed service, we have a solution that will fit your needs.
Our solutions offering ranges from simple on-premises IMAP mail servers to hosted Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 environments. And for those not tied to the Microsoft Outlook environment, Google Apps for Business is a great alternative.

Email Security

Being the most widely used communications platform, it doesn’t come as surprise that email systems are most prone to attacks and one of the largest carriers of security threats. Rest assured, we provide a mail filtering and security solution to ensure both inbound and outbound mails are thoroughly vetted before delivery.
Coupled with Data Leak Protection (DLP) policies to protect your valuable information and intellectual property from being sent to your competitors, intentionally or unintentionally, you can be assured that both external and internal threats are taken care of.

Email Archiving

There is little as stressful as searching for a particular email and realising it’s been deleted and no longer obtainable. Our partnerships with some of the best email archiving platforms available today, allow you to have complete peace-of-mind that all your email, internal and external, is continuously and securely archived and accessible from anywhere at any time, even though it has been deleted locally from a mailbox.

Email Marketing and Uniform Branding

Having everyone use the same corporate branding in their email signature and disclaimers provides a professional, uniform appearance to your clients and external parties. We have partnerships with some of the best email branding and marketing platforms in the South African market, allowing you to automatically apply signatures and stationary to outbound emails.
Not only does this ensure a uniform corporate appearance, but it does so from any device, mobile or desktop, and in full html format with embedded images. You also have the ability to launch email campaigns, distribute newsletters, and apply banners and marketing material automatically to all outbound emails.

Independent Consulting

With so many platforms, technologies and mediums out there to choose from, it can become quite daunting at times to make the best decision for your business and its needs. Not to worry, we can assist – whether you need advice on a particular product or solution, strategic planning for a future deployment, or multi-phased consolidation and integration of independent and isolated platforms. We provide vendor agnostic and independent consulting services for all your ICT projects.