What we do?

We’re a turn-key solutions services provider in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry. In short: we make the screens turn on, the phones ring, the servers spin up, and connect you to the infinite world of the internet.

Through partnerships with service providers in the infrastructure, internet and cloud hosted environments, we not only install, configure and deploy any solution you need, but also support it end-to-end – providing you with complete peace of mind that everything in under control and taken care of.

Whether you are a starting venture just embarking on the road to success, a small business hard at work growing, or a large enterprise focused on keeping the engine room churning, we’ll develop a solution tailored to your needs.

What sets us apart?

We don’t believe business is confined to weekdays at the work place. In fact, we take our relationships with our clients quite personally. That way we can provide you with the personal, honest, and devoted level of service you deserve and consider you as part of the Teracom family.

It’s quite simple, really – We have only one priority: you, our client! We always carry your best interests’ at heart, provide you with the most simplified, suited, solution for your needs and are always here to help.

Teracom at its core.

We believe in building unified, integrated and efficient ICT solutions that will help you optimise the way you use technology and streamline everyday tasks. Ultimately, you should not work for the technology, but rather the technology should work for you!

The world of ICT changes on a daily basis. We make it our mission to use the ever evolving technology to your advantage, providing you with a solution that ‘just works, seamlessly’, and getting you back to doing what you do best: your core business!